Courier services

Kappa Koerier is specialised in various courier services in the Netherlands:

Why choose Kappa Koerier?

✔ Specialised courier with over 25 years of experience
✔ Wide range of different courier services, fit to your wishes and budget
✔ Dedicated deliveries possible
✔ Environmentally friendly transport services
✔ More than 40.000 deliveries a year
✔ Follow your parcel with track and trace, including proof of delivery

Your shipment for the Netherlands delivered in 4 steps

Please request a quote using the contact form. Within 10 minutes* we will contact you with a proposition:

  1. Please request a quote using the contact form or call: 088 321 21 21.
  2. Within 10 minutes* you will receive our quote.
  3. Our courier will collect your parcel at the desired time.
  4. After the parcel is delivered, you will receive a proof of delivery.

* On business days between 8.00 and 18.00.